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Hairaddicts.uk Color Chart information guide

Hair color is one of the most important factors in deciding which hair extensions you should buy. Each hair color gives you a different look. The combination of hair color, hair texture, and hair length will give you a unique style with its own appeal. You should also learn which hair color suits your face, body, and one other thing to decide is how big if your personality as we can get you the color to reveal the true you .
The more choices you have, the more styles and colors you can try creatively.

2021 is your year so let’s move forward and see if we can explain our products a little bit further for you little beauties.

Look at the colors we offer you will see that usually they will always fall into 4 main groups of colors

Dark colors
Medium colors
Blonde colors
Red colors

Dark Hair Color

Dark hair is always one of the hottest trends. Sexy, alluring, mysterious and sophisticated, it brightens your eyes and adds depth as well as dimension to your overall look.
With this such beautiful hair color, hairaddicts.uk has 3 available options for you: #1, #1b, #2

Please note Color #1: It’s so dark and rich. In fact, it’s the darkest color on the hairaddicts.uk color ring
It is the only color in our color ring which has no other tone running through it.

Medium hair colors

This may be one of the most common hair colors, but there’s a reason why medium colors are also considered the most universally flattering! From stunning light brown shades like caramel and honey brown to darker tones such as chocolate and chestnut, brown hair is truly versatile and can suit anyone, no matter what skin tone or hair length. Moreover, you can play up any brown hair color with lighter highlights and ombré styles, which means that the possibilities are truly endless as a brunette (just think about the countless styles, shades, and coloring techniques out there
Brown hair colors in our collection are #2, #4, #6

Blonde Hair Color

It is said that Blonde has more fun. And hairaddicts.uk has plenty of shades of Blonde in our hair color collection for you to choose from. We also mix and match our blondes so feel free to contact us and we can have a technician (when available) to reply to you with which colors are best suited to mix with other colors
Hairaddicts.uk Blonde hair color collection include shades such as color #8, #10, #12, #18, #613, #60, #6C&613 ,9C &613, #12C&613 we can also specialist supply any colours which you don’t see on our web site
We also have a special service where we can mix the colors you like with other colors just drop us a mail and we will try to help you all we can .

Red colors

Well hello you hot hot mamma
What can we say about our fiery red heads
This is one drop dead hair color that we don’t want to miss out on
Not only is our red heads fiery hair swoon-worthy, but these folks have got the type of sass, success, and self-confidence to back up their standout looks. Us boring others still appreciate the red heads ability to pull off a fiery red-hot mane.
If you have the personality to wear this color then we have the hottest colors to bring out the fire in your soul
Shiny glowing and super lush we have the colors just for you
Why not try our #99j , #66
#red envy

Just email us with special requests and we will do our best to keep you happy and fulfilled.