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Hair trends 2020

Hair Trends 2020 . Well what a year this has been or hasn’t been perhaps we should be saying. 2020 became better known for the year the world stood still due to COVID19. 2020 gave us time to reflect on areas of our lives that we had never had the opportunity to do before. We are now evolving in more beautiful ways than we ever thought possible. Filled with self love and the desire to be all we can be we are now living and loving the journey we call LIFE. .Listed below are some of the hot trends of 2020 that can be seen in salons and on the catwalk this year. Fancy trying some of these exciting new trends? Go for it and just remember you are truly beautiful.


Silver Hair trend

dip-dye ends trend

shadow root trend

Lilac hair trend 


As we gain more confidence to go back outside and live our lives we are also building confidence to try new experiences. When booking a Salon to have something different and amazing done to your hair always do your research, find friends who have used the salon before and can recommend a stylist who works there . Pop in for a chat prior to your visit and always request they do a strand test and allergy test before agreeing to any colour or extension service.


Have fun, enjoy the experience and watch the magic happen.

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