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Please note:

We highly recommended that you refrain from washing your bonded hair extensions at least 24/48 hours after application to ensure the bond has fully set.

Brush your extensions twice a day using a tangle teaser or similar brush with completely straight bristle, starting at the ends and working upwards through the hair towards the roots .Take extra care to brush DAILY in between each bond at the root of your NATURAL hair to prevent matting. Separate bonds daily.

Washing :

Wash hair thoroughly at roots of natural hair ONLY do not rub or scrub extensions this will create knotting and tangling.

When you can, always wash hair in the shower to keep hair smooth and flowing in downward motion this makes brushing out the hair after washing easier.

We recommend shampooing your hair extensions 2-3 times per week. We strongly recommend that you use a sulphate free shampoo and always apply conditioner

When applying conditioner always avoid the bonds.

Use oils or serums on your extensions before blow-drying to keep the extensions hydrated avoiding bonds.


DO NOT use a wand on your extensions

Curling irons, hairdryers and straighteners are suitable but avoid daily use as this will damage the hair and shorten the life span of your extensions rapidly.

Always use medium heat when drying and try to use a heat protector. Avoid direct heat onto bonds as this will weaken the bond.


Do not attempt to lighten your hair extensions, this hair has already been through a chemical process, any further processing will cause the hair to break, snap and dry out. 


We advise you to plait your hair extensions before going to bed to prevent matting.

NEVER wear hair down when sleeping .

DO NOT go to bed with wet extensions. 
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