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After Care Products

The Longer The hair The Longer The Stare

The products you use on your hair extensions will not only cleanse but will also extend the life and wear of your product

Buy products which are Hair Extensions friendly Sulphate free you have been advised by your stylist these products are safe to use .

Great Hair will come at a great price and sometimes even greater responsibility
A good stylist will be more than happy to talk to you about how to maintain your new hair from tips on washing to styling and looking after it. Human hair extensions can be treated more or less as you would treat your original hair, but you should be extra careful not to damage or loosen the bonds. Excessive heat and intense sunshine must be avoided. Your stylist should be able to recommend some heat-resistant products and tools which are suitable for extensions, and they should make sure you know how to use them.
It is perfectly safe to apply heat to natural hair, as long as you take the usual measures to protect against dryness.